omiVista1The omiVista interactive projection system is powered by EyeClick™ and provides fun, exciting and engaging sensory and learning experiences to users at every level.

The images projected by this intuitive and highly flexible system respond to the smallest gesture or movement, enabling students to easily interact and generate immediate, real-time audio-visual

System content
All systems are now supplied with over 700 pre-set applications contained in the all new Educational Suite and the latest Sensory Fun Suite (see details opposite).

Applications are arranged over 3 difficulty levels designed to encourage maximum response. The user must interact physically to reveal hidden pictures, play instruments, ripple the water and catch the right image. Cognitive ability is stretched as they learn about the world, follow instructions and select appropriate answers. The full systems (non ‘lite’) allow for easy editing and creation of new content using most standard multimedia file formats.

Educational Suite
Helping deliver the curriculum from Early
Years to Primary level. Includes over 400
settings arranged over 3 difficulty levels
Subjects supported:
• Maths Fun
• Literacy
• Natural World
• My World
• Science
• Geography/History
• Media
• Sensory/Relaxation
Sensory Fun Suite
A treasure trove of audio visual effects
for sensory stimulation and relaxation.
Includes over 300 settings arranged
over 3 difficulty levels. Groups include:
• Explore
• Play
• Festive
• Education
• Relaxation
• Themes

System versions
omiVista is supplied as a package and is available in 2 installation and 2 mobile versions.
omiVista and omiVista Lite Installation systems are ceiling mounted projector assemblies, suitable for sensory rooms, interactive zones and main halls.

Main features;

• Educational Suite with 400+ settings
• Sensory Fun Suite with 300+ settings
• Fully customisable software license
• Activity Monitoring Template
• 2 training sessions
• Wireless Remote Control
• Simple on/off system control

Main features;

• Fully contained ceiling assembly
• Educational Suite with 400+ settings
• Sensory Fun Suite with 300+ settings
• Activity Monitoring Template
• Wireless Remote Control
• Simple on/off system control


is powered by Software licensed for use in Education and Healthcare sectors. Features watermarks.
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